Top 74 US wage earners earned as much as the bottom 19 million workers

Great to be in a recovery. Especially if you're one of the top 74 wage earners. Less wage earners in the US now then in 2005 with a decline in wages. "The number of Americans making $50 million or more, the top income category in the data, fell from 131 in 2008 to 74 last year." Good news right? The pain of the recession was spread evenly. Wrong. "The average wage in this top category increased from $91.2 million in 2008 to an astonishing $518.8 million in 2009. That’s nearly $10 million in weekly pay!" So the US went from 131 people making $50 million or more in 2008 to 74 in 2009 but those 74 saw their wages increase from $91.2 million to $518 million or ten million dollars a week!

Had to save Wall St to save Main St my ass. The biggest theft in American history has been perpetrated on the American public. This was done by both parties, a coordinated effort. Click on top link for a short version, bottom link for all the gory details.