"As I said in the speech, the economy is far stronger now than it was four and a half years ago."


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MORELIA, Mexico (AP)

At least five people were killed and seven were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a group of community self-defense members
Michoacan state prosecutors' spokesman Alejandro Arellano said about 300 masked community vigilantes wearing similar T-shirts arrived at city hall in the town of Los Reyes and announced they would take over policing the town.
Minutes later three assailants opened fired on the crowd, killing three members of the self-defense group, a police officer and a passer-by, Arellano said.

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Seeks Civil War?

"Egypt’s military chief is calling for supporters of the new regime in the country to take to the streets."

Wonder What the Crime Rate is In Chief Kessler's Jurisdiction?