Bernanke is a Murderer,(He's Killing the Middle Class), a Liar, Coward and a Thief

Here's the deflation the coward thief Bernanke was worried about and why, he said, but he is a liar and a thief, he needed to print money and monetize 70% of the current US budget deficit:

After a tremendous hiccup inflation is today at an all time high. CPI-W has grown rapidly over the past half year. It is growing very rapidly (dangerously?) so far in 2011. It is near certain that the rate of inflation over the next few months will be significantly above trend. Historically, periods of rapid (5+%) inflation are met with periods of recession. The related conditions that bring economic crisis are excessive monetary policy, war and or an energy shock.

All four of these conditions are met today. In other words, we are asking for trouble. How Mr. Bernanke can avoid seeing how all these stars are lining up is a mystery to me.

Japan Bans Planting Rice in Radioactive Soil. Heck of a Job Brownie.

No kidding? They won't let you plant rice in radioactive soil?
No Glowing Rice for You

Why No News From Japan? Positive Developments Would Be Shared With the World.

What is far more disturbing is that the official Fukushima data from the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, which has so far provided the most comprehensive daily data dump on Fukushima, has stopped reporting the dry wall radiation reading in Reactor 1. This is the same reactor where following Thursday's Earthquake, METI represented a mindblowing reading of 100 Sieverts/hour in the dry wall: a number on par with the worst data out of Chernobyl. Did the earthquake terminally break something in Reactor 1, or will the excuse be that another radiation counter turned up faulty after it was Made In Taiwan.

Glad Hosnei is Out of the Way So Democracy Can Flourish in Egypt

More US Taxpayer money needed in Egypt for the spread of freedom and democracy. The placing of the military as new heads of State in the countries under revolution is an extension of the post WW 2 US policy of, "They may be a sonuvabitch, but they're our sonuvabitch." The generals are enriched by US taxpayer money and military aid flows from the US taxpayers to these nations. Theses nations then turn around and purchase weapons from the US defense industry using US taxpayer money. Behind Wall St., the US defense industry is the second largest campaign donators to US elected officials. Freedom and democracy for these citizens is not the goal of the US governnment. Control through brute force and death is the goal.

The blowback that will soon come to the doorsteps of the US from their blatantly hypocritical rhetoric will be epic. On a scale never seen. Democracy is dead. What follows?

CAIRO — A blogger was jailed recently for “insulting the military.” Human rights advocates say that thousands of people have been arrested and tried before military courts in the last two months. Protesters have been tortured and female activists subjected to so-called virginity tests.
Fed up and angry with Egypt’s military rulers, tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out on Friday in Tahrir Square here for one of the largest demonstrations since the former president, Hosni Mubarak, stepped down on Feb. 11. The protest was being called the Friday of Warning.
Even the new protest was met with violence. Around 3 a.m. on Saturday, soldiers swept into Tahrir Square, beating hundreds of protesters with clubs and firing heavy volleys of gunfire to break up the demonstration, The Associated Press reported. The Health Ministry said that one person had been killed, according to the news agency.
The troops dragged an unknown number of protesters away, throwing them into police trucks, witnesses told The A.P.

A force of around 300 soldiers swept into the square around 3 a.m. and waded into a tent camp in the center where protesters had formed a human cordon to protect several army officers who had joined their demonstration in defiance of their superiors.
The troops dragged an unknown number of protesters away, throwing them into police trucks, eyewitnesses said.
"I saw women being slapped in the face, women being kicked," cried one female protester, who took refuge in a nearby mosque. Troops surrounded the mosque and heavy gunfire was heard for hours. Protesters in the mosque reported large numbers of injured, including several wounded by gunfire.
"I saw them detain a bunch at the museum. They were beating some pretty badly," said one protester, Loai Nagati.
Troops surrounded the mosque and heavy gunfire was heard for hours. Protesters in the mosque reported large numbers of injured, including several wounded by gunfire

Obama Seeks More US Taxpayer Funding for Nations That Kill Peaceful Protestors

While President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi a threat to his own people, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi's military to $1.7 million.
Libya isn't the only repressive Arab regime benefiting from U.S. military aid. Obama wants $120 million for Yemen next year, including $20 million for a military accused of brutally putting down a popular revolt, and $11 million to promote democracy and human rights, something critics say doesn't exist in Yemen.

SANA, Yemen — More than 100,000 people converged on Yemen’s capital for a second Friday of dueling demonstrations over the fate of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who faces a rising tide of international sentiment in favor of his departure.
In the city of Taiz, three protesters were killed and 33 wounded by gunfire, a doctor at a local field hospital said. Witnesses said that security forces and plainclothes snipers fired on protesters as they were marching to the governor’s office.

Four More Decapitated in Mexico

Four Heads in Mexico


TEPCo Execs Have 24 Hour Armed Guards-Steel and Concrete Barriers Installed in Front of Their Homes

TOKYO, Japan — The families of senior executives from Tokyo Electric Power Co. — operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant — are under 24-hour police guard after their home addresses were posted online.
TEPCO Execs Concerned for their Safety. I Wonder Why?

Israel vs. Gaza. Egypt vs. Israel This was just a matter of time

Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip that killed 14 and Palestinian attacks on southern Israel that wounded three are signaling a new round of violence that is quickly becoming one of the worst clashes in more than two years.

Over one million Egyptian protesters in Cairo's Liberation square have demanded their military rulers to abandon Israel and lift the blockade on the besieged Gaza strip. Protesters voiced their anger at Tel Aviv by burning the Israeli flag and demanding the Liberation of Palestine, a Press TV correspondent said. They promised to stand by Gazans, who have been suffering Israeli attacks and its four-year long crippling siege.
Many protesters headed toward the US Embassy from Liberation Square to protest Israel's deadly attacks on Gaza.

Dismembered Bodies Now a Daily Occurrence in Mexico

How many trillions of US taxpayer dollars have been spent on the war on drugs over the last forty years? As with all wars after WW 2, the US is losing this one also. Brutal, graphic photo alert.

Look America. This is the result of your war on drugs


Mexico. The Sleepy Little Country South of the Border.

Evidently, beheading alone has lost its appeal. Removing the face of victims seem to be gaining in popularity. Still can't believe this isn't covered in the US MSM. Very graphic and brutal.

"Mr. Bernanke is a Murderer"

"...If you print money everything will go up...and now the money printing doesn’t go into housing because we have an oversupply of housing, but it goes into equities and for Mr. Bernanke unfortunately into commodities.  And this is lifting the cost of living of the median household, of the typical household in the US...Mr. Bernanke is a murderer, he’s a murderer of the middle class and the working class.”
Bernanke is a Murderer


I hard a hard time getting this to play. Woman decapitates body, removes face and then quarters torso. Video from the sleepy little country south of the border.

Horrifyingly graphic and brutal. Think twice before viewing.


US Taxpayer Dollars at Work

Security forces and plainclothes gunmen opened fire on crowds of Yemenis marching through a southern city Monday, killing at least 15 and wounding dozens, in an intensifying crackdown against the uprising against the 32-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Yemini Government uses US provided weapons and ammo to kill peaceful protesters

Obama wants $120 million for Yemen next year, including $20 million for a military accused of brutally putting down a popular revolt, and $11 million to promote democracy and human rights, something critics say doesn't exist in Yemen.
Yes We Can Give Yemen $120 Million Dollars to Spread Democracy


Heck of a job Brownie

Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s attempt to clog a cracked pit with a mixture of sawdust, newspaper and plastic failed to stop radioactive water leaking into the sea from its crippled nuclear plant.
Lets stick some sawdust and newpaper in that cracked nuclear reactor

Sufyan Bin Qumu Held for Six Years in Guantanamo Now Trains Libyan "Freedom Fighters"

In Sufyan's defense, he now says he loves America. And by the way, send us some Stinger missiles:

Rebel recruits in the eastern port city of Derna are being trained by Sufyan Bin Qumu, a Libyan who was arrested following the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and held at Guantánamo for six years. Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi, a senior Libyan rebel commander in Derna, was also held following the invasion of Afghanistan and handed over to Libyan custody two months later. Both men were said to have been released from prison in Libya in 2008 as part of a reconciliation process with Islamists in the country.
We fought in Afghanistan with the Taliban to kill Americans but, now we love America. No really, we do.

Department of Defense file on Sufyan:
Combatant Status Review for Sufyan