It appears that interim Prime minister ElBaradei is anti-Egyptian military only when they do not place him at the seat of power.

January 14, 2012
"[M]y conscience does not allow me to run for the presidency or any other official position unless there is real democracy,” Mr ElBaradei said.
Referring to last year’s protests that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, he added that “the captains of the vessel ... are still treading old waters, as if the revolution did not take place.”

Mr ElBaradei’s decision to withdraw from the contest is yet another blow to the credibility of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has been accused of numerous human rights violations since Mr Mubarak stepped down.

July 6, 2013
"[E]lBaradei is our first choice," a source close to the army said earlier this week.

"[A] military source told the AFP news agency that Mr ElBaradei, the former head of the UN nuclear watchdog, would be sworn in as prime minister later on Saturday, three days after Mohammed Morsi was ousted by the army.
Mr ElBaradei has defended the army's intervention, saying although it was a "painful measure", Mr Morsi had "undermined his own legitimacy".


U.S Ambassador to Egypt Anne W. Patterson and the Uncoup

Ambassador Patterson on the Uncoup:
"Of course it is challenging to be dealing with any new government. However, at the state institutional level, we are for instance still liaising with the same military and civil service personnel, and thus have retained the same long-established relations."
The Uncoup

"Instead, the U.S. president gave a wink and a nod to a military takeover in Egypt, which the State Department is now indicating may not be a coup, because the generals have not imposed a military leader. Instead, they have put in place as president Egypt’s highest judge, after he was in office but two days. Even if a figurehead, that makes the military removal of a duly-elected Egypt president not a coup, therefore legitimate?
That question has the legal minds at the State Department working overtime.
The upshot, in Egypt Obama’s principal representative, Ambassador Anne Paterson, is vilified by all sides, and the Muslim Brotherhood is likely permanently disabused of the notion that participating in democratic processes can lead to its views taking hold anywhere from Syria to Yemen."


Referee Beheaded in Brazil

An amateur football match in Brazil led to two murders as a referee was beheaded by spectators after he had stabbed a player.


Newsweek Reporter in Cairo asks, "Shouldn't the Tear Gas Have Come Before the Bullets?"

Mr. Giglio's eyewitness account states the Egyptian army fired on unarmed Morsi supporters and then used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

"standing next to me saying he saw a protester shot in the head for throwing stones, thinks he's dead."
"AFP reporting three killed in the clashes just now"
"Guy miffed as he listens to state radio (88.7fm Egyptian Radio) on his phone: "they say that there are no people dead!"



Human Breast Milk has Become a New Luxury for China's Rich

"[A]dult (clients) can drink it directly through breastfeeding, or they can always drink it from a breast pump if they feel embarrassed," the report quoted company owner Lin Jun as saying.
Wet nurses serving adults are paid around 16,000 yuan ($2,600) a month -- more than four times the Chinese average -- and those who were "healthy and good looking" could earn even more, the report said"


June 24 2012

"[M]orsy defeated former general Ahmed Shafik in a run-off last weekend by a convincing 3.5 percentage points, or nearly 900,000 votes, taking 51.7 percent of the total, officials said.
The announcement ended a week of angry disputes over the count in the poll to replace Mubarak, pushed aside by his fellow officers 16 months ago to appease the Arab Spring revolution."



NEW YORK — In his nationwide effort for tighter gun control, Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributes historic crime lows in New York to strict gun laws that are strictly enforced. "If we are serious about protecting lives," he wrote in a recent newspaper editorial, "we have to get serious about enforcing our laws."

Front page NY Times story, July 2, 2013:
Audit of Crime Statistics Reveals Mistakes by Police - The New York ...
By JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN. Published: July 2, 2013. A long-awaited report ordered by the police commissioner in New York has found deficiencies in the Police Department's efforts to detect whether its crime statistics are being manipulated.

Evo Morales

...whose plane was forced to land after Portugal and France refused him access to their airspace.

"[I] know that the empires have an espionage network and are against the so-called developing countries. And in particular, against those which are rich in natural resources."


Oliver Wyman, 7 Billion Euro's Pulled From A Banker's Ass and the German National Anthem

"Ireland’s central bank will investigate whether tapes of senior bankers laughing at regulators contain evidence rules were broken during the 2008 rescue of failed lenders that eventually led to the country’s EU bailout.
Public outrage is growing in Ireland after a newspaper published transcripts of taped telephone conversations between executives of the now-defunct Anglo Irish Bank, wrecked when a property bubble burst in 2008 after years of reckless lending.
In the tapes published by the Irish Independent, Anglo’s then-head of capital markets John Bowe was asked how it had come up with a figure of €7-billion for a rescue. He responded that he had “picked it out of my arse.”
In another tape recorded as the crisis unfolded, executives sang the German national anthem and laughed as they discussed money flowing in from other countries after a guarantee of deposits held in Irish banks."

What does the Anglo Irish Bank and the entire banking sector of Spain have in common?


Obama Speaks to Poverty in Africa

“I’m calling for America to up our game when it comes to Africa,” Obama said. “There’s no question Africa’s on the move, but it’s not moving fast enough for the child still languishing in poverty in forgotten townships.”

Meanwhile in the United States during Obama's presidency:

2009-2011: Uneven recovery from the Great Recession. Hence the top 1%captured 121% of the income gains in the first two years of the recovery.