Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo Laredo (along with Laredo, Texas) is the most important trade border crossing of Latin America (approximately 8500 trucks cross the border each day).[4][5] Its geographical position has enabled this city to grow and specialize in the international trade business. Nuevo Laredo has a very developed logistics and transportation industry, complemented with a variety of hotel chains, restaurants and a cultural center where events such as the Tamaulipas International Festival take place.
Nuevo Laredo is located on the primary trade route connecting Canada, the United States and Mexico. Both Nuevo Laredo and Laredo, Texas are now the gateway to Mexico's burgeoning industrial complex, offering diverse markets, business opportunities and profit potential, which both business and industry cannot not find anywhere else.

MEXICO CITY -- Another 23 bodies were discovered Friday in the embattled border city of Nuevo Laredo, including five men and four women hanging from a highway overpass, authorities said.
Also Friday in Nuevo Laredo, 14 headless bodies were found in black garbage bags in a truck parked outside a government customs building, authorities said. The heads were later found in three ice chests near City Hall.


Just Another Day in the Sleepy Little Country South of the Border

The renowned journalist Regina Martinez, Process correspondent in Veracruz, was found dead, apparently strangled in her own home in Colonia Reforma, Xalapa. La PGJE ya abrió una investigación sobre los lamentables hechos de quien fuera una periodista crítica del gobierno y reportara durante años los violentos hechos relacionados con el narcotráfico en el estado. The PGJE has opened an investigation into the tragic events of a journalist who was critical of the government for years and will report the violent drug-related events in the state.

Hitmen in Sinaloa military attack ... could be 50 dead

At dawn today, Mexican military officials were surprised by unknown gunmen traveling in cloned units of the Ministry of Defence, Federal Police and the State Preventive Police.
Los militares fueron atacados por los sicarios en el municipio de Choix, Sinaloa, durante la madrugada de hoy sábado. The soldiers were attacked by gunmen in the town of Choix, Sinaloa, in the early hours of Saturday. Los sicarios se encontraban esperando a los soldados entre las localidades de San Simón y Potrero de Los Fierros. The gunmen were waiting for the soldiers between the towns of San Simon and Potrero de Los Fierros.
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