EU Mimics the Cosa Nostra wih Bustout Style Tactics

They loan you money knowing you can't repay. They increase the vig, then move in and strip you of all your assets with no regard to the damage it will cause.
FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) -- Italy has the assets to overcome the debt crisis and new Prime Minister Mario Monti is moving in the right direction to tackle the country's economic problems, Olli Rehn, European Union commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, told reporters in Rome on Friday. Rehn acknowledged that a sharp rise in bond yields in Italy and across other euro-zone countries was troubling. Italian bond yields jumped on Friday after the country saw borrowing costs rise sharply in auctions of short-term debt

Greece's repeated failure to meet budget targets including for privatization revenues has angered international lenders, raising questions about whether they will continue indefinitely to keep the country afloat with bailout loans.

Of course it isn't completely fair to categorize all ECB members as mafioso's. Some, like former ECB board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, are better classified as terrorists who follow principles voiced by Osama bin Laden:

ECB Executive Board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi yesterday: "Irish people also elected the governments that regulated the banks as the problems built, Mr Smaghi pointed out.
"If taxpayers have the right to share in decision-making, they must also accept the consequences," Mr Smaghi said.
I am Lorenzo Bini Laden Smaghi and I am a Financial Terrorist

bin Laden in 1997: "As for what you asked regarding the American people, they are not exonerated from responsibility, because they chose this government and voted for it..."