GUADALUPE DISTRITO BRAVOS, Mexico (AP) - It was a bloody sunrise for the people of this dusty Mexican border town Tuesday.
Police found two male heads on top of a cement wall in the plaza of Guadalupe Distrito Bravos, a town on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, right across El Paso, Texas. Two headless bodies, one of them stabbed in the back, were later found in two separate homes. Another man and a woman were then discovered in a nearby house with their throats slashed.
Chihuahua state police said they believed all the killings were related.
The first victim appeared to be Cruz Alfonso Salazar, 32. His wife reported to police that she had seen men shoot him dead early Tuesday, then cut his head off and stick a knife in his back.
After speaking to Salazar's wife, police found her husband's head sitting alongside another man's head on top of a wall in the plaza.

A violent Wednesday that killed at least 22 dead, though authorities have not recognized some cases.
22 Murdered in One Day

MEXICO CITY – Eight more bodies have been unearthed from mass graves in the northern state of Durango, where drug traffickers are suspected of burying victims over several years. A total of 196 corpses have been recovered so far.


Pigs of PIIGS


But Goldman, as the Levin report makes clear, remains an ascendant company precisely because it used its canny perception of an upcoming disaster (one which it helped create, incidentally) as an opportunity to enrich itself, not only at the expense of clients but ultimately, through the bailouts and the collateral damage of the wrecked economy, at the expense of society. The bank seemed to count on the unwillingness or inability of federal regulators to stop them — and when called to Washington last year to explain their behavior, Goldman executives brazenly misled Congress, apparently confident that their perjury would carry no serious consequences.

According to Federal Election Commission figures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, Goldman Sachs' political action committee and individual contributors who listed the company as their employer donated $994,795 during 2007 and 2008 to Obama's presidential campaign, the second-highest contribution from a company PAC and company employees
I am the Black Mascot of Wall Street


Libyan Death Squads Stalk Benghazi

Story reminds me of Iraq in 2003:
BENGHAZI, Libya — Three weeks ago, a traveler spotted a man’s body in the farmland on this city’s outskirts, shot twice in the head with his hands and feet bound. He had disappeared earlier that day, after visiting a market.
Ten days later, near the same spot, a shepherd stumbled upon the body of second man, killed with a single bullet to the forehead. Masked, armed men had taken him from his home the night before, without giving a reason, his wife said.
The men, Nasser al-Sirmany and Hussein Ghaith, had both worked as interrogators for Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s internal security services, known for their brutality against domestic dissidents. The killings, still unsolved, appeared to be rooted in revenge, the families said, and have raised the specter of a death squad stalking former Qaddafi officials in Benghazi, the opposition stronghold.
The killings have unsettled an already paranoid city, where rebel authorities have spent weeks trying to round up people suspected of being Qaddafi loyalists — members of a fifth column who they say are trying to overthrow the rebels. If the violence continues, it will pose a stern challenge to a movement trying to present a vision of a new country committed to the rule of law, while potentially undermining hopes for a peaceful transition if Colonel Qaddafi surrenders power.
The rebels say their security forces are not responsible for the killings. Prosecutors here say they are investigating the attacks, and they are exploring the possible involvement of Islamists who were imprisoned by the Qaddafi government and are now settling old scores. “It’s our responsibility to protect people,” said Jamal Benour, the justice coordinator for the opposition in Benghazi. “It’s important the killers are punished. The law is most important.”
But some here dismiss talk of Islamists, saying they believe the killings are being carried out by an armed group allied with the rebels, or possibly Qaddafi loyalists pretending to be.
Last week, about a dozen men wearing balaclavas and carrying guns arrived at the house of Youssef al-Tobouli in three pickup trucks. At the time, Mr. Tobouli, a former internal security prison guard who had defected to the rebel side, was at the store picking up car parts. His terrified relatives called friends, and in the gunfight that followed, the room Mr. Tobouli shared with his wife and three children was destroyed by fire.
The attackers were eventually routed, and though they did not identify themselves, they left behind a Mitsubishi pickup truck with “February 17th” — the day Colonel Qaddafi’s opponents mark as the beginning of their revolt — painted on the side, Mr. Tobouli’s cousin said.
“I am very sorry to say that,” said the cousin, Eissa al-Tobouli, referring to the markings on the truck. He added that his cousin was part of a group of former Qaddafi officials who registered their names with rebel officials in Benghazi, on orders from the new authorities to make their defections official. “He paid the price for being in internal security,” the cousin said.
There may have been other attacks. Dr. Omar Khalid, a forensic pathologist at Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi, said the hospital had received at least a dozen bodies of executed men, though it was not clear whether they had worked for the government. The authorities are also investigating the executions of Qaddafi soldiers, said Ali Wanis, the Benghazi district attorney.
One victim, whose throat was slashed, has been in the morgue at Jalaa Hospital since mid-April, unidentified. When his body was found in the Guwarsha area outside Benghazi — near where the bodies of Mr. Sirmany and Mr. Ghaith were found — his feet and hands were bound with rope, the morgue’s manager said.
The killings in Benghazi are taking place in a city that otherwise seems safer with each passing day. Police stations burned during the February revolt have reopened. Legions of young volunteers have recently taken to the streets, to sweep and pick up the trash.

Bini Laden Smaghi. A Financial Terrorist Warns of Doom and Catastrophe if the Bankers aren't Paid in Full

“We need to strengthen the norms and the rules for each country to be full members of the euro rather than making easy ways out which would not work in any case,” Bini Smaghi said today.
He put some of the blame for the restructuring discussion on large investors who have bought insurance against a sovereign default and “stand to benefit greatly from the default and lobby in favor of it.”
“They tend to encourage naive governments to believe that debt restructuring can be done in an ‘orderly way,’ distracting them from implementing the appropriate policy adjustment,” he said. “If the euro area were to go down the path of leaving it entirely up to the markets to decide which countries are solvent and which are not, it would put the euro at a disadvantage compared with all other major currencies.”

Bini Laden's earlier statements:
ECB Executive Board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi yesterday: "Irish people also elected the governments that regulated the banks as the problems built, Mr Smaghi pointed out.
"If taxpayers have the right to share in decision-making, they must also accept the consequences," Mr Smaghi said.
I am Lorenzo Bini Laden Smaghi and I am a Financial Terrorist

bin Laden in 1997: "As for what you asked regarding the American people, they are not exonerated from responsibility, because they chose this government and voted for it..."

Not much difference between the Financial terrorists Bini Smaghi, Bernake, Geithner, et al and other terrorists. Other than the fact they wear suits and not robes.


Tweet From CNN's Ben Wedeman

"Good Egyptian source just back from Washington says israel is syrian regime's most ardent advocate with congress, Obama administration."

Maybe this why the US remains silent regarding Assad's brutality and killing of his own citizens. Of course it is oil why the US remains silent over the Bahrain governments brutality and destroying of mosques belonging to the Shia faith which is the majority in Bahrain.