GUADALUPE DISTRITO BRAVOS, Mexico (AP) - It was a bloody sunrise for the people of this dusty Mexican border town Tuesday.
Police found two male heads on top of a cement wall in the plaza of Guadalupe Distrito Bravos, a town on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, right across El Paso, Texas. Two headless bodies, one of them stabbed in the back, were later found in two separate homes. Another man and a woman were then discovered in a nearby house with their throats slashed.
Chihuahua state police said they believed all the killings were related.
The first victim appeared to be Cruz Alfonso Salazar, 32. His wife reported to police that she had seen men shoot him dead early Tuesday, then cut his head off and stick a knife in his back.
After speaking to Salazar's wife, police found her husband's head sitting alongside another man's head on top of a wall in the plaza.

A violent Wednesday that killed at least 22 dead, though authorities have not recognized some cases.
22 Murdered in One Day

MEXICO CITY – Eight more bodies have been unearthed from mass graves in the northern state of Durango, where drug traffickers are suspected of burying victims over several years. A total of 196 corpses have been recovered so far.