Terrorist Plot Foiled by Jetblue Airlines. Be Afraid America. Be Very Afraid

This beautiful 3 year old girl was thrown off a Jetblue flight in Fort Lauderdale due to her name being on a no fly list. Fear sells and further enriches the powered elites.


What a Dumb Fat Bastard

Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos said there was no clear mandate for any single party. He called for a national unity government, comprised of all pro-EU parties, regardless of their position on the harsh fiscal adjustment programme.
Venizelos said that the electorate completely upset the political scene, and he attributed the electoral disaster to the fact that Pasok on its own had to manage the crisis all on its own.
“We embittered the people to protect the future of the nation. History will judge,” Venizelos said after the 9.30pm results. “Let the God of Greece help us!” he proclaimed, declaring that the party must be “reborn”.