WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Accenture has been chosen to replace CGI Federal as the lead contractor for the Obamacare enrollment website, which failed to work when it launched in October for millions of Americans shopping for health insurance, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said on Saturday.
Accenture announced on May 26, 2009 that its Board of Directors unanimously approved changing
the company’s place of incorporation to Ireland from Bermuda and would become Accenture plc.
"Quiz Question: What is the name of the corporation which is teaching all the other corporations to evade paying their fair share of State and federal taxes? The answer is Accenture... a corporation most Americans have never heard of. This corporation used to be part of Arthur Anderson, the corrupt accounting firm which gave us the Enron scandal. In 2002, they spent a record $2 billion rebranding themselves as Accenture. But while their name changed, their business practices remain as corrupt as ever.
Because this is the corporation responsible for all the other corporate tax dodgers, and because corporate tax evasion is their primary business, Accenture may well be the most corrupt corporation in America. "



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