Too Good To Be True?

US Provided Nerve Gas to the Yemini Government for Use On Their Citizens?

The US has provided Yemeni police with gas canisters which have been used against anti-government protesters in capital Sana'a, local sources say.

Police have reportedly used nerve gas to quell peaceful protests in Sana'a's University Square. The empty canisters obtained by the locals bear the “Made in U.S.A.” stamp.

Sources say the canisters were a “gift” to the Yemeni police from the United States.

The protesters, who demand an end to President Ali Abdullah Saleh's 32-year rule, have been camping out in the square since February 21.

At least six anti-government protesters, including a school boy, were killed and hundreds more injured during clashes with the police on Saturday.

Saleh has promised a new constitution which would shift power from the presidency to an elected parliament. Protesters say that the offer is not enough, vowing to continue to demonstrate until he resigns.


The Kurdish administration is often cited in Western media as an example of democratic rule in Iraq, but that is more words than deeds.
The two Kurdish factional leaders – Massoud Barzani, the Kurdish region’s president and Jalal Talabani, the Iraqi president – are alleged to have been immersed in corruption and favoritism.
Both leaders have their own security and intelligence agencies as well as heavily armed militias who could almost do what they want with impunity.

Nuclear Reactor in Japan Explodes

Explosion at 1:22 into the video.

Go inside and cover your mouth?

"An explosion rocked one of  nuclear power plants, causing a portion of a building to crumble, sending white smoke billowing into the air and prompting Japanese officials to warn those in the vicinity to cover their mouths and stay indoors."


50,000 Demonstrate in Bahrain. Bahrain Police Open Fire

Fifty thousand protestors in Bahrain is the equivalent of 18 million in the US, adjusted for population.
Why isn't the US media covering this story? Is it as Azzaman stated, "U.S. media are overlooking events... on purpose as if they were under the control of a government in a Third Word country."

Bahraini police have opened fire on anti-government protesters marching towards the royal palace in the capital, injuring at least 150 people. There are also reports suggesting that security forces and pro-government vigilantes armed with clubs, swords and metal pipes are beating protesters near the royal complex. Witnesses say at least ten ambulances were rushed to the area. The violence came as nearly 50,000 demonstrators tried to stage a protest rally near the royal palace in the Refaa area of Manama on Friday, demanding political reforms.

Hillary Clinton's Statement Confuses Nuclear Physicists. Pentagon Says They Have No Idea What She's Talking About

"In a statement that confused nuclear experts, Clinton said Friday morning that U.S. Air Force planes in Japan had delivered "coolant" to a nuclear power plant affected by the quake. Nuclear reactors do not use special coolants, only large amounts of pumped water."

Clinton added:
"They have very high engineering standards, but one of their plants came under a lot of stress with the earthquake and didn't have enough coolant," she said, "and so Air Force planes were able to deliver that."

Pentagon speaks:
"To our knowledge, we have delivered nothing in support of the nuclear power plant," Lt. Col. John Haynes said. "Obviously, we stand by to assist with anything they might need."

Did Hillary just make up an adventurous tale of the US Air Force flying anti-freeze to Japan? Will she now follow with a tale of Godzilla rising up and being slaughtered by these same US Air Force jets? Nothing can stop the US Air Force?


Won't Read This in the NY Times or See it on CNN

Because Yemen is an ally in the Global War on Terror. Mild indiscretions such as using nerve gas on their citizens is allowed to fly under the radar:

SANAA, Yemen — Doctors from the scene of violent anti-government protests in Yemen’s capital Tuesday night said that what was originally thought to be tear gas fired by government forces on demonstrators might instead have been a form of nerve gas, which is forbidden under international law.
Earlier reports indicated that the gas used was tear gas, but doctors who have been treating the wounded refuted that claim today.
“The material in this gas makes people convulse for hours. It paralyzes them. They couldn’t move at all. We tried to give them oxygen but it didn’t work,” said Amaar Nujaim, a field doctor who works for Islamic Relief.
“We are seeing symptoms in the patient’s nerves, not in their respiratory systems. I’m 90 percent sure its nerve gas and not tear gas that was used,” said Sami Zaid, a doctor at the Science and Technology Hospital in Sanaa.
Mohammad Al-Sheikh, a pathologist at the same hospital, said that some of the victims had lost their muscular control and were forced to wear diapers.
“We have never seen tear gas cause these symptoms. We fear it may be a dangerous gas that is internationally forbidden,” Al-Sheikh said.


SEC's General Counsel Changed Rules so He Could Make $1.5 Million From His Investment with Bernie Madoff

Now, its chairwoman is coming under Congressional fire for hiring as the S.E.C.’s general counsel someone with a Madoff financial interest — David M. Becker, who participated in matters involving how the scheme’s victims would be compensated.
The revelations about Mr. Becker’s role have raised fresh questions about ethical standards and practices at the agency, where Mary L. Schapiro was brought in as chairwoman two years ago with a mandate to strengthen its enforcement unit.


Iraqi Power-Sharing Deal in Danger as Unity Crumbles

BAGHDAD // It was less than three months ago that, accompanied by much international fanfare, Iraqi politicians sealed a power-sharing deal that ended a lengthy deadlock and handed Nouri al Maliki a second term as prime minister.
That deal is now in tatters and any remaining hopes of a national unity administration are fading fast.
Amir al Kinani, a Sadrist MP, said: "In the coming days I think the Sadrists and some other members of the National Alliance will probably meet with Iraqiyya and that could result in them forming a united opposition bloc in parliament."
He warned that any attempt to subvert the government-forming deal would create "political problems, at a time when the country is boiling". Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against government failures, in defiance of the security services.

U.S. Media Ignore Iraq Protests

It seems U.S. media are overlooking events in Iraq on purpose as if they were under the control of a government in a Third Word country.

The negligence with which U.S. media have been treating events in Iraq raises suspicion and shows that they pay lip service to notions of democratic values.

Otherwise, how could one explain the almost total blackout of the anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities during the so-called Friday of Wrath in which tens of thousands of Iraqis went to streets demanding better living conditions and recognition of their rights as human beings.

Body Parts Left in Tub with Sliced cucumbers, Onions and Radishes

Heads, along with pieces of arms, hands, legs, and feet, were in tubs, as if it were a pozole prepared by hired assassins in containers placed slices of cucumber, onions, radishes, and grain dishes Pozole , white toast, as a traditional Salsa Huichol, cups and spoons, napkins and a bottle of Coca Cola 3-liter, also inside the mouth of the executed put a cigarette.

Just another day in Mexico. Gory pic alert:

One Million Protest in Yeman

That's the equivalent of fifteen million protesters in the US.
One Million March in Yeman

Kuwait Awakens

65% of Turks see the US or Israel as their number one enemy:
Turkish Poll



Democracy My Fat Ass

Click on image for larger view.

Why the Mideast revolts will help al-Qaeda

"The rush in the West to proclaim the advance of democracy in the Arab world has led to the propagation of an ill-conceived and dangerous corollary: that the revolts in the Middle East and North Africa also mark the irrelevance of al-Qaeda and other Islamist militant groups."