Iraqi Power-Sharing Deal in Danger as Unity Crumbles

BAGHDAD // It was less than three months ago that, accompanied by much international fanfare, Iraqi politicians sealed a power-sharing deal that ended a lengthy deadlock and handed Nouri al Maliki a second term as prime minister.
That deal is now in tatters and any remaining hopes of a national unity administration are fading fast.
Amir al Kinani, a Sadrist MP, said: "In the coming days I think the Sadrists and some other members of the National Alliance will probably meet with Iraqiyya and that could result in them forming a united opposition bloc in parliament."
He warned that any attempt to subvert the government-forming deal would create "political problems, at a time when the country is boiling". Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against government failures, in defiance of the security services.