50,000 Demonstrate in Bahrain. Bahrain Police Open Fire

Fifty thousand protestors in Bahrain is the equivalent of 18 million in the US, adjusted for population.
Why isn't the US media covering this story? Is it as Azzaman stated, "U.S. media are overlooking events... on purpose as if they were under the control of a government in a Third Word country."

Bahraini police have opened fire on anti-government protesters marching towards the royal palace in the capital, injuring at least 150 people. There are also reports suggesting that security forces and pro-government vigilantes armed with clubs, swords and metal pipes are beating protesters near the royal complex. Witnesses say at least ten ambulances were rushed to the area. The violence came as nearly 50,000 demonstrators tried to stage a protest rally near the royal palace in the Refaa area of Manama on Friday, demanding political reforms.