Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss

President Obama threw his support behind Yemen's Vice President just days before an election expected to enshrine him as the new leader of a country the US sees as crucial to the fight against al-Qaeda.

BREAKING NEWS: YEMEN REVOLUTION Yemeni forces fire on protesters in Taizz; casualties reported

bin Laden's staed goal was to bring about the financial collapse of the US so they could no longer afford to prop up puppet governments or place their soldiers on Muslim land. One way he hoped to achieve this was by having as little as two men wave a flag, call themselves al-Qaeda and watch the US military industrial complex burn through billions of taxpayer dollars to attack these "terrorists."

What is never discussed in the US, by the government or in the extremely lame media is the fact that Yemen and Bahrain have a large Shia population. A sect of Islam that Saud royals use as a tool for uniting thier Wahabist's behind them as they do the biddings of Israel and the US in seeking to kill Shia's and forment hatred, to goad Iran into taking actions that can be twisted into offensive acts of terrorism