US Unemployment Rate is only 8.5 Percent?

That's the government version. Headlines read UE falls to lowest level in three years! But wait. How can this be? March 2009 BLS Employment Situation News Release:
"...the unemployment rate rose from 8.1 to 8.5 percent, the Bureau of Labor
Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today."

Okay, great. UE rate is the lowest in nearly three years. But wait.
Covered employment, those eligible to file for unemployment as of March 2009: 133,886,830
                                                                                                Dec.   2011: 126,188,733
Click weekly claims data for historic levels:


MF Global Sold Millions in Assets to GS Days Before Going Bust

Line of credit extended to MF Global by JPM was $1.2B, the same amount of customer funds that have gone "missing." Did JPM seize assets, customer funds of MF Global so they would be made whole while fucking over the clients of MF Global? Not far fetched at all when you consider the US governemnt is an organized crime syndicate with nukes and the politicians need donations from the finance sector to be re-elected.



Greece will exit from the crisis President of the Republic says, while asking for "austerity with dignity".


«The country has no need for elections, but rather a capable government that will work towards averting the danger it faces,»

Greece now tops a list of European countries where the suicide rate has risen.

Heating oil is now considered a luxury item in Greece.

Teachers' unions are warning that incidents of children turning up hungry in school are rising, due to benefit cuts and a sharp increase in unemployment

Show dignity Greek people, the birthplace of democracy, as you shiver from the cold, your children go hungry and you hold a pistol to your head. Do all of this with dignity for the bankers must be made whole. If they are not, an undignified austerity will follow. You have been warned.