Obama must Intervene to Stop the Wanton Killing of Civilians

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A NATO helicopter gunship inadvertently killed two civilians while attacking suspected insurgents in the eastern province of Khost, NATO announced Thursday.

Top Nato commander Gen David Petraeus said he was "deeply sorry" for the incident, which took place in the Pech district of Kunar province on Tuesday.
Local officials say nine boys, aged 12 and under, were killed while gathering firewood, according to AP news agency

Tribal elders in a remote part of northeastern Afghanistan claimed Sunday that NATO forces killed 64 civilians in air and ground strikes over the past four days. The international coalition denied the claim, saying video showed troops targeting and killing dozens of insurgents

Kabul - Fire from a NATO helicopter allegedly killed five civilians including two children in north-eastern Afghanistan Thursday after mistaking them for militants, a local official said.