Queen of Jordan on Twitter

Queen Rania: tweeting to the end

I can see Queen Rania tweeting her way to the every end.  I can imagine her last tweet: I am in a dark place. It may be the trunk of a car.  I have not seen my idiot husband who brought us to this.  I am told he was dangling from an electricity pole somewhere in Amman.  I think that the people of Davos will miss me.  I wonder if I look glamorous in the trunk of this car.  Where are you Oprah to save me?

From the Queens own website:
"A keen runner, and seeker of good jogging tunes, Queen Rania enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Aqaba, where she can relax and get into a great book. She also makes a mean chocolate chip cookie."

Jordanian children seek democracy as they rise up against their principal that struck one of them: