Government of Iraq Bans All Protests

Ban on demonstrations in Baghdad:
Yesterday, the Iraqi puppet government banned all demonstrations.  I guess we need to cite that letter by Kanaan Makiyyah in the wake of US invasion of Iraq in 2003 in which he audaciously thanked the Bush administration (on behalf of all Iraqis, presumably--do you know that Paul Wolfowitz and other Zionists hoped that Iraqis would elect Makiyyah as their leader? I kid you not) for invading his country and liberating its people.

Americans Killed in Iraq War:          4,448
Americans Wounded in Iraq War:  33,003
Iraqi Deaths:                                100,444-109,738

$9 billion US taxpayer dollars lost or unaccounted for.
$549.7 million in spare parts shipped to US contractors in 2004 lost and unaccounted for. This figure includes 190,000 weapons.
$1 billion worth of vehicles, RPG's and other equipment and services provided to Iraqi security forces missing.
$1.4 billion worth of overcharges to the US taxpayers by Halliburton
$20 billion charged to US taxpayers by KKR for food, fuel and housing
$390,000 US taxpayer dollars to deploy one soldier in Iraq for one year
30% of US troops develop serious mental conditions within 3-4 months of returning home.

Soon Americans will be forced to work longer for their Social Security and pay more for less in Medicare.