"Crisis of the Cucumber." Muammar Winning NATO's Clusterfuck "Libyan War." Vlad Talks Smack

The presidents of Asaja in Lleida and Tarragona, Pere Albert Roque and Castelló, respectively, have expressed the desperation of an industry that draws black months and that "pays the faults of others," for example in the case of the crisis of the cucumber. Es por ello que Castelló ha asegurado que a partir de ahora responderán con el criterio del "ojo por ojo" y pagarán "con la misma moneda" a los atacantes, que ha calificado de "terroristas" . That is why Castelló has said that from now respond to the criteria of "an eye for an eye" and paid "in kind" to the attackers, who he described as "terrorists."
Trade Wars Betwen Spain and France commence

'Asaja coordinator in Catalonia, Albert Castelló, has said that already run out of patience, "eye for eye, tooth for tooth," and said it is absurd to continue with good words and wait for action by governments.
It has also warned that if they attack at the border now and the end of the month "automatically go looking French interests and cause the most damage possible." He called on the Catalan police to be "gatekeepers" and to defend the interests of Catalan and Spanish when these attacks occur, as has ensured that the security forces do Gauls.
Asaja has hit back against the Government for its "immobility" when taking concrete steps to defend the interests of local producers, which this week have been suffering more attacks on the border.'


'TRIPOLI, Libya — Saddled with infighting and undermined by the occasionally ruthless and undisciplined behavior of its fighters, the six-month-old rebel uprising against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi is showing signs of sliding from a struggle to overthrow an autocrat into a murkier contest between factions and tribes.'

"They just turn on the printing presses," Putin said, accusing Washington of "behaving like a hooligan" by flooding world markets with devalued dollars..."

“The country is living in debt. It is not living within its means, shifting the weight of responsibility on other countries and in a way acting as a parasite,” Putin told a group of pro-Kremlin youth in central Russia.