Criminogenic-Producing or Intended to Produce Crime and Criminality

“There is no more low- hanging fruit out there - all the low-hanging fruit is gone. Difficult structural reforms are what lie ahead.” said IMF Greece mission head Poul Thomsen

In a letter obtained by Reuters Friday, the Federation of Greek Police accused the officials of "...blackmail, covertly abolishing or eroding democracy and national sovereignty" and said one target of its warrants would be the IMF's top official for Greece, Poul Thomsen.
"Since you are continuing this destructive policy, we warn you that you cannot make us fight against our brothers. We refuse to stand against our parents, our brothers, our children or any citizen who protests and demands a change of policy," said the union, which represents more than two-thirds of Greek policemen.
"We warn you that as legal representatives of Greek policemen, we will issue arrest warrants for a series of legal violations ... such as blackmail, covertly abolishing or eroding democracy and national sovereignty."

16.09 The Greek police federation Poasy is now offering a bounty of €1 for each of the mission chiefs from the troika, dubbing them, quite poetically, as the "undertakers of our people's dreams". Obviously they think that the Greek people don't need much of a financial incentive to assist in bringing them in...
Quote For two years, the national federation of police officers has warned you that the policies you dictate and demand to be implemented at gunpoint will explode social cohesion and kill off any hope to restore the Greek economy. We will ask for the immediate issue of arrest warrants