1 Million Protest in Brazil

If you know a Brazilian, you know that a Big Mac combo meal costs over $20 US, that in Brazil you don't call the police you call a relative or a friend, the politicians and therefore the police are hopelessly corrupt and that Brazil is a violent nation.

"[m]any have been united by a common concern for Brazil’s economy: even though incomes have gone up, Brazil’s new middle class has been demanding more from public services, and the rising cost of living, particularly food and services, has hit Brazilians hard.
American expatriate and Rio’s Gringo CafĂ© owner Sam Flowers says that food and labor costs have skyrocketed in just the last six months: “One product jumped forty percent in a week, many others are up 12 to 20 percent. Rent, food, transportation are all rising. Everyone is changing their spending habits and using credit cards more, some are even moving,” he tells The Rio Times.