It's a Bitch Being real and Ahead of the Curve

Vincent McCrudden, CEO of Albrni management is one pissed off cat.

Hey fucking morons...
  1. Make sure you all show up with [T.M.] and that fucking corrupt fucking midget [G.G.] when you serve me papers. I have something ready for you all.
  2. Make sure you introduce yourselves to me when we meet in court...I will have something there as well for you just in case you fucking cunts are too coward [sic] to not show up and serve me papers in person
I can see two of you are either terrorist or Al Qaeda or something. We have soldiers looking all over the world, and there you are working right there at the good ole boys club of the CFTC. As twice survivor of WTC attacks, I find it pretty funny. Bring your helmets... you all put your name to the wrong fucking person. Fucking cunts!