Stock market drops...

then the thief coward Bernanke monetizes more US debt, nearly two trillion worth to date. The chosen ones, the ones deemed too big to fail, the leering and drooling pigmen, take their monetized mammon provided from the High Rabbi, the Pharisee on the mount, the Bernake, and the stock market goes up. Tonight under the sole light from the cold hearted orb, I will slaughter a lamb and drink it's blood, kneeling down in their honor, in awe of their magnificence. Then I will arise, and speaking in the long forgotten tongues of our ancestors, I will shout, "fuck you assholes."

The imitation nation and it's imitation of a society with it's imitation debt values and it's imitation equity values rolls on as it continues it's imitation of previous imitaters that imitated previous economic recoveries, (see 2002 thru 2006 with M.E.W. extracted and mid to late 1990's minus massive spike in consumer debt and internet bubble), towards it's final destination, it's endgame.

When this thing pops it will make the last crisis look like a picnic.