Obama Kneels at the Feet and Kisses the Ring of George Bush as He Accepts the Torch and Carries the Mantel of the U.S. Deceiver-in-Chief

Immelt taking Volker's job as an advisor to the President, focusing on jobs creation? I laugh. Ha!

"[Immelt] runs a big company, but Immelt has shown more skill at cutting jobs, frankly, than creating. GE finished 2009 with 18,000 fewer US workers than it had at the end of 2008, and US headcount is down 31,000 since Immelt's first full year in 2002. During his tenure, GE workers based in the US as a percentage of total employees has fallen to 44% from 52%."
 Immelt creates jobs in China and third world shit holes that beat their fitty cent an hour child laborers into submission as they pump toxic waste and sludge into the land, air and sea. What Immelt creates are tumors, leukemia and mass despair. Obushma strikes again.

"President Obama ordered federal agencies Tuesday to weed out regulations “that conflict, that are not worth the cost, or that are just plain dumb.”

Obushma transmutes into Oclintbushma as he rips a page out of Monica Lewinsky's stud lover's handbook and calls for the repeal of "dumb" regulations. After Clinton made the same statement in the mid-90's, the final repeal of Glass-Steagal was one of the "dumb" regulations that Clinton abolished. The repeal of Glass-Steagal has been named by many as the lead contributing factor to the financial meltdown.

"In case there was any question remaining in your mind as to what is really happening.
It should be noted that GE was the number one corporation in lobbying, spending $40 million on the purchase of political influence last year.
Obama is looking more like Herbert Hoover every day, but without the Great Engineer's accomplishments.
As someone said, it could have been worse, Obama could have chosen Lloyd Blankfein as his advisor. But that would have been a demotion for Lloyd, and a probable lessening of his existing impact on public policy."

The long line of Deceivers-in-Chief continues. Eat or be eaten, predator or prey, devour or be devoured. USA all the way. Cue slow-mo video of flapping bald eagle wings and waving flag.