Mubarak Tells U.S that Iraqi's are too Tough for Democracy as Obama won't use the "D" Word

and Mubarak's, (doesn't he look like Dracula?), named V.P. Omar Suleiman was the CIA's point man in Egypt for prisoners sent by the US to Egypt for, "extreme rendition," aka torture. Suleiman the torturer also had misplaced concerns when he told the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mullen this: "Egypt is very concerned with stability in Sudan..." Clearly, Suleiman couldn't see past the nose on his own face.

Bela Mubarak warned a US delegation of worthless congressman in May 2008 that they could not pull troops from Iraq and they needed to strengthen the Iraq military for a military coup to follow that would allow a dictator to seize power, albeit but a fair dictator. Worked for him for thirty years. Mubarak then warned that democracy will not work in Iraq due to the toughness of the Iraqi people.

"In fact, newly released WikiLeaks cables show that from the moment it assumed power, the Obama administration specifically toned down public criticism of Mubarak. The US ambassador to Egypt advised secretary of state Hillary Clinton to avoid even the mention of former presidential candidate Ayman Nour, jailed and abused for years after running against Mubarak in part on America's encouragement.
Not surprisingly, when the protests began, Clinton declared that Egypt was "stable" and an important US ally, sending a strong signal that the US would not support the protesters if they tried to topple the regime. Indeed, Clinton has repeatedly described Mubarak as a family friend. Perhaps Ms Clinton should choose her friends more wisely.

Similarly, president Obama has refused to take a strong stand in support of the burgeoning pro-democracy movement and has been no more discriminating in his public characterisation of American support for its Egyptian "ally". Mubarak continued through yesterday to be praised as a crucial partner of the US. Most important, there has been absolutely no call for real democracy."

Robert Grenier, a 27 year veteran of the CIA adds: "Events in the Middle East have slipped away from us. Having long since opted in favour of political stability over the risks and uncertainties of democracy..."

"US spokesmen stress the protesters' desire for jobs and for economic opportunity, as though that were the full extent of their aspirations. They entreat the wobbling, repressive governments in the region to "respect civil society", and the right of the people to protest peacefully, as though these thoroughly discredited autocrats were actually capable of reform..."

"The failure of the US to uphold its stated commitment to democratic values therefore goes beyond a simple surface hypocrisy, beyond the exigencies of great-power interests, to suggest a fundamental lack of belief in democracy as a means of promoting enlightened, long-term US interests in peace and stability.."

"Machiavelli once wrote that princes should see to it that they are either respected or feared; what they must avoid at all cost is to be despised. To have made itself despised as irrelevant: That is the legacy of US faithlessness and wilful blindness in the Middle East."

Mr. Grenier's comments are worth reading in their entirety

What does Bela Mubarak mean when he says to a delegation of US congressmen the Iraqi people are too "tough" for democracy? Why do Obama, Biden and Clinton dance around the use of the word democracy regarding Mubarak's history of torturing and imprisoning dissidents and refuse to use the "D" word in reference to the current revolution in Egypt?

The answer is simple. Democracy in the US does not exist, it is not real. Democracy is an idea, a thought, an experiment that has failed in the US. Was TARP, Too Big to Fail banks democratic? Is the current distribution of wealth in the US, which is the only true measure of a democracy, at levels not seen since 1926 and currently wider than before the financial crisis democratic? Is the need to get down on your knees and suck the cocks of Wall St., the defense and  FIRE lobbys as ones only viable path to being elected to a national office democratic? Let alone torture, extreme rendition, Gitmo and misleading the nation into the Iraq war.

United States brand of democracy is dead or at best dying globally. Those in power are well aware of this fact. Be it Bush, Cheney, Rice or Obama, Biden and Clinton. Hypocrisy is a much more applicable term than democracy.