Obushma and Klinton Take Action to Save the Egyptian People with Amerikan Demokracy

A dictatorial regime must be saved and a country's constitution must be subverted from outside it's own borders before that dictator can be unseated or that nation's constitution upheld. George W. Bushlite 101. Taste great, less filling. Let's begin:

CAIRO — "The United States and leading European nations on Saturday threw their weight behind a gradual transition in Egypt, backing attempts by the country’s vice president, Omar Suleiman, to negotiate with opposition groups without immediately removing President Hosni Mubarak from power."

Suleiman the torturer garners approval from the worlds leading demokracies. The Egyptian protesters appear to be somewhat miffed:
“They are trying to kill what has happened and to contain and abort the revolution,” said Hassan Nafaa, a political science professor at Cairo University. “They want to continue to manage the country like they did while making some concessions. These are cosmetic changes that don’t change the regime. We do not want this.”

Sec. of State Klinton speaks:
“This takes some time,” Mrs. Clinton said. “There are certain things that have to be done in order to prepare.”
Prepare for what Sec. Klinton? The propping up of another brutal regime that plays ball with Israel and the US? A meet the new boss, same as the old boss ploy, Ms. Klinton?

Frank G. Wisner, a former VP of the bloodsucking firm AIG and Obushma's hand selected point man in Egypt, chimes in:
“You need to get a national consensus around the preconditions of the next step forward, and the president must stay in office in order to steer those changes through,” Mr. Wisner said of Mr. Mubarak. “I therefore believe that President Mubarak’s continued leadership is critical — it’s his opportunity to write his own legacy.”
Ah yes wise Mr. Wisner. Mubarak must be allowed to write his own legacy and keep Egypty from descending into chaos. How much money is the Wisner out to make by brokering such a deal?

An Egyptian protester seeking the right for Egyptians to control their own destiny adds:
“President Obama better put pressure on Mubarak to leave or things are going to get a lot worse here,” said Ibrahim Mustafa, 42, who was waiting to enter Tahrir Square in the morning as the military was tightening restrictions. “He needs to get the army to force him out of here. America is going to create another Iran here. America doesn’t understand. The people know it’s supporting an illegitimate regime.”
You are correct Mr. Mustafa. The American people don't understand. They are ruled by fear, not by knowledge.

Speaking of fear:
"Mrs. Clinton expressed fears about deteriorating security inside Egypt, noting the explosion at a gas pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula, and uncorroborated media reports of an earlier assassination attempt on Mr. Suleiman."
"Mrs. Clinton highlighted the dangers of holding elections without adequate preparation. “Revolutions have overthrown dictators in the name of democracy, only to see the process hijacked by new autocrats who use violence, deception, and rigged elections to stay in power."
Yes Ms. Klinton. Valid points. The process of democracy must be hijacked by the old autocrats. Not the new autocrats.

Suleiman and his self appointed wise men seek a way to subvert Egypt's constitution:
"In Cairo, however, there were few indications that Mr. Suleiman and other officials were making much progress in addressing concerns of opposition groups. Negotiations between Mr. Suleiman and a group of self-appointed “wise men” who are acting as intermediaries between the vice president and the protesters and trying to find away around limits on succession in the Constitution did not advance significantly."
Yes. Suleiman the torturer must find ways to get around the limits of succession in the Constitution so he may succeed his long time friend and confidant Hosni.

In the Washington Post, Frank "AIG" Wisner continues to talk his own book:
"President Mubarak remains utterly critical in the days ahead as we sort our way toward the future,"
Yes we can save Hosni and make a boatload of kash in the process.

Sec. Klinton's fear card is displayed further:
"Clinton urged the government to take more steps. But she also warned that if the transition is not carried out with deliberation, there are forces "that will try to derail or overtake the process, to pursue their own specific agenda - which is why I think it's important to support the transition process announced by the Egyptian government, actually headed now by Vice President Omar Suleiman."
Clinton did not identify the forces, but she appeared to be referring to Islamist radicals."
Suleiman the torturer must be supported or terrorists will rule Egypt. You riddled with and ruled by fear Americans got it?

AIG Wisner continues to pump his own book:
"In his remarks from New York, Wisner told the conference that frequent calls by foreigners for Mubarak's ouster had created a "negative force" inside Egypt .
He also said there were practical reasons why it might be better for Mubarak to remain on the job.
"The Egyptian constitution is quite clear," he said. "If the presidency is vacated, then the speaker of parliament takes over, and in a couple of months you have elections. Those elections would take place under the current dispositions. Those dispositions are currently unacceptable to those protesting in the streets of Cairo today."
Therefore, he said, constitutional changes are needed, adding, "The president must stay in office in order to steer those changes through."
Translation: Mubarak and his regime must stay. If not, the dumb and dirty Egyptians will determine their own fate and I won't make assloads of money.

ElBaradei speaks:
"Mubarak needs to go as a precondition of talks," ElBaradei said in an interview Saturday night. "If you really want change, you have to depart completely from this pseudo-democracy. And that's not happening. It's not only that Mubarak isn't leaving. It's that he and his vice president have been making only peanut concessions."
No Mr. Elbaradei, this is not a pseudo-democracy it is Amerikan style demokracy. Play ball, sell out your countrymen and your beliefs and millions of dollars will appear in a Swiss bank account under your assigned number.

Large banner in square speaks the truth:
"Mubarak appointed Suleiman, his intelligence chief, as vice president shortly after the demonstrations began. On Saturday afternoon, the protesters in the square were flanked by a large banner that read: "No Mubarak, no Suleiman. Both are American Agents."

From Tehran, Iran's Ayatollah speaks to the Egyptian military:
"The Egyptian army is part of the people that will follow the masses," Khamenei said.
On Saturday, a senior Iranian leader weighed in, making a similar appeal to his counterparts in Egypt. Iranian army Lt. Cmdr. Gen. Seyed Abdolrahim Mousavi likened the protests in Egypt to Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution. Egypt's government is secular.
"We hope that the army of Egypt takes a careful and cautious look at this practical model and comes out of tyranny's darkness and joins the light of God," Mousavi said, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency.
Egyptian officials have denounced foreign meddling in the crisis."
That last sentence in this article is interesting. "Egyptian officials have denounced foreign meddling in the crisis." Interesting due to the fact it's added after a paragraph written on the comments from Iran. Not after pages and pages reported on the "meddling" of the US and others in Egypt's affairs.

What we are witnessing is yet another Amerikan govt. misstep as they wade into the affairs of a mid-eastern country attempting to dictate the outcome in terms that are most favorable to the US, Israel and the global wealthy elites. The overthrow of Iran's democratically elected leader Mossadegh in 1953, the arming and training of "Freedom fighters" in Afghanistan in the early 1980's and the continued propping up financially and militarily of dictators and dictator lites throughout the middle east.

The result of this latest endeavour will be the same as it's predecessors. It will come back to bite the US in their ass. Blowback being the appropriate term. The world saw the peaceful demonstrations put on by millions of Egyptian youths. Now the world will see the meddling of the US to maintain the status quo that the peaceful demonstrators were protesting against.

All the polling I saw on the approval ratings of Obama and the US by the Egyptian people were abysmal at close to fifteen percent. Expect these numbers to plummet further as the Egyptians see the further meddling in their affairs by the US.

Egypt has the youngest median age along with some of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the entire Middle East. As these hungry and unemployed masses of youth realize that their attempts to bring about change via peaceful demonstrations have been subjugated by the US and the other leading "democracies," what then will they do and who will they turn to for help in bringing about the change they desire?

I understand global diplomacy and the maintaining of the status quo is extremely important. My point is, that no matter what actions are taken by the US, Israel and others in their attempt to maintain the status quo, the current situation in Egypt is much closer to the beginning than to the end. As the US and others spread the fear of radical elements and terrorists to provide cover for their own actions, their words may well prove to create self fulfilling prophecies in Egypt. Egypt is the crystal ball that other Muslim nations look towards to see their own future. The US can not afford to open another front in their "Global war on terror," but I'm afraid they already have.