I especially hate Tantawi. He’s an old friend of Mubarak and a close ally of the US”.

The law is an open challenge to the revolutionary workers and youth of Egypt. It prohibits strikes and protests with exactly the same methods that drove the population to overthrow the previous dictator, Hosni Mubarak

“Hillary Clinton now tears around Tahrir Square, exhorting the virtues of democracy! I remember very well the weapons and the tear gas ‘made in the US’ that were used against us”.

During the march, a woman protester said they were still faced with the same criminals that prevailed in Mubarak’s time. “It’s true that Mubarak’s gone, but the system remains. The new Mubaraks are now called Sharaf and Tantawi”, she said.

“The military does not represent our interests. It represents the interests of the US, and it has done so since the time of Sadat, when Egypt once again subordinated itself to the US”,