Acapulco Ministry of Roads and Protection Employee Quartered and Beheaded

I find it incredible that none of these instances are reported in the US MSM. If one headless body hacked into four pieces was found in NY, LA or Topeka, Wolf Blitzer would be mugging for the camera as he described the carnage. For the last two years, butchering of bodies and beheadings have become a daily or weekly occurrence in Mexico.

War on drugs, or a War for control of the US drug market? Nearly one year ago among much pomp and circumstance, the Mexican Army was given the lead role in this war. Recent report from the UN blames Mexican Army for forced disappearances: http://www.mexicotoday.com.mx/headlines-footer-links-34/2938-un-blames-army-for-forced-disappearances.html

The Mexican government is a cesspool of corruption. Enriching themselves from providing drugs to the main culprits, the US drug market, and by exporting their citizens to the US, decimating Mexican towns and villages for the remittances from those working and living illegally in the US.

Brutal photo warning: