Pakistan Next?

As I monitor the public anger building up in Pakistan over what growing sections of the people see as the bullying tactics adopted by the US Government to secure the release and departure to the US of Raymond Davis a member of the staff of either the US Consulate-General in Lahore or the US Embassy in Islamabad (one does not know which), who allegedly shot dead two Pakistanis in Lahore on January 27, 2011, I am no longer that certain that there cannot be an uprising in Pakistan
Is Pakistan Next to Join the People's Uprising

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan's army chief strongly condemned a U.S. drone attack that killed more than three dozen people Thursday, saying the missiles struck a peaceful meeting of tribal elders near the Afghan border.
The accusation by Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani — which was denied by a U.S. official — adds tension to a relationship already strained by the shooting deaths of two Pakistanis by a CIA contractor who was freed Wednesday following a contentious deal to pay millions in "blood money" to the men's families.
U.S.Drone Attack Kills 38 Tribal Elders

The Pakistan-India-United States triangle is a dysfunctional triangular configuration with no strategic convergence existing between the three nations and no vision of a united purpose to jointly achieve political and strategic ends...
This Paper intends to dwell on the examination of the Kayani Factor under the following heads as to how false it is for both the United States and India to bet on the Pakistan Army Chief that he would effectively contribute to a peace process between India and Pakistan and how truly he would deliver on United States strategic interests in Afghanistan and overall in South Asia:
The Kayani Factor