The bodies of three beheaded men were found this morning inside a unit of route 83 abandoned in the middle of Chicoloapan, while another was found 200 metres away.
Around 7:30 hours, neighbors reported to the municipal police who at the junction of the Lerdo Street and Manzano River, in the March 2, Cologne, was parked a Urvan van with a blanket on one side and three corpses wrapped inside.
"Square" is read in the blanket placed on the left side of the vehicle, while another was left on the floor with two heads.
A third head was found in the driver's cab and the fourth was found in a bag inside.
The victims, aged between 25 and 30 years old, have not been identified.
The bodies were raised by the service medical forensic of the Attorney's State of Mexico.
Meanwhile, the Nezahualcoyotl police reported the discovery of the body of a man identified as José García Godínez.
The corpse had three wounds produced by caliber 9 mm firearm and was lying on the street Petroleos Mexicanos, the colony large Vicente villada
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Much of the nearly $2 billion in US aid and training provided to Mexico under the Merida Initiative has flowed to the quasi-military federal police force.
The report focuses on “enforced disappearances” of civilians at the hands of both Mexico's naval infantry and the militarized federal police — forces that have won favor and hefty funds from Washington during the six-year campaign against the gangsters.