Not Mr. Majestyk's Mexican Melon Farm

A group of gunmen attacked a company melonera workers in the community of San Pablo East Progress Ajuchitlán Township, and left 10 dead and two serious injuries are reported.
Mr. Majestyk es un muerto

A group of gunmen attacked a company melonera workers in the community of San Pablo East Progress Ajuchitlán Township, and left 10 dead and two serious injuries are reported.
The community is the first village in the mountains, with 400 inhabitants and is one hour from the county seat, in a complicated way between hillsides.

That company operates a melon that this Sunday was attacked by armed men who arrived just after 10 am and shot who found. Among the victims is Enrique Hernandez Rivas, melon field manager.
Neighbors gave the report to the police forces and the army, who came to town with prosecutors to conduct investigations. In total, we saw about 80 police officers of the state, ministerial and army soldiers.
The bodies were scattered in the melon field. Local people would not give information on why people came armed with several units and attacked. A group of army stayed to investigate the facts and find those responsible.
The same agency reported that investigates the facts based on the preliminary CUAU/SC/02/0052/2013.
Reforma news agency reported that the victims were executed by three individuals, police sources said yesterday between 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning.
Indicates that criminals armed with AK-47 rifles arrived melon field located between the communities of East St. Paul, The Hidden and Remance, and one by one were running farm workers and wounded two others shot and laborers.
A worker who is dedicated to take the water to the field realized the action from afar and to be discovered by the gunmen ran to safety of the shots that made ​​him, adds Reform.
According to police reports, the laborers have shot grace and the authorities ignore the reasons that this group has had to kill them.
When authorities arrived at the scene found ministerial pulled seven bodies, the other three family members were taken away.
One of the deceased was handed over to his family and the other six were transferred to the Attorney General of Arcelia and be taken to the Forensic Medical Service of the city of Iguala.
The same source says that the dead are Luis Fernando Ramirez, 16, a native of Mitlalcingo, Ahuacuotzingo; Zacarias Ramirez Abarca, 25, of Chilapa, Heriberto Ramirez Jimenez, Alfonso Huerta Cyril, Fidel Garcia Ramirez, 15, 22 and 25 years, the three neighbors of Ahuacuotzingo Amitlazingo.
Also killed Hermelindo “N” of Huetamo, Michoacán, Maria Luisa Ortuño, 54 of Las Juntas, Ajuchitlán; Elvis Ray Fields, St. Paul East and Alfonso Estrada, 15, of El Aguaje of Ajuchitlán.
Simón Díaz and Domingo Ramirez Abarca, Ajuchitlán and Chilapa, were shot.
The state attorney general’s office said in a bulletin that 40 Infantry Battalion of the Army gave the report of the ten executed.
Process news agency released the 10 people killed and the two injured are employees of the company Legumbrera San Luis, a native of Michoacan, and activities in other municipalities in the Tierra Caliente which is dedicated to producing melon, sources of the Attorney General of Guerrero.
He added that preliminary reports indicate that victims are laborers, and that it was a direct attack, and that no confrontation.
Indicates that according to some people, to place an armed group arrived in several trucks and opened fire on workers who were in a melon field and then fled to the mountainous part of the municipality.
The website of the newspaper Milenio spread that the victims were related to organized crime activities, and in the hills around the melon field poppy crops there. This publication discusses that there was a shootout between suspected criminal groups.
The community of St. Paul East is the gate of the mountain to reach the region of Tierra Caliente, their paths unite the municipalities of San Miguel Totolapan, Tlacotepec and the Costa Grande region.
Ajuchitlán is where more clashes have claimed the military and in which at the beginning of the year there were several executions and kidnappings.
Recently, the town located halfway between the municipal and Paul East, which is La Laja, reported the kidnapping of a primary school teacher, who took her from her classroom.